Re-Sealing Leaking Showers


Is your discolored grout trying to tell you something? Our experience says that it is, and it may be more than just cosmetic. Dirty grout, that you just can’t get clean, is really an outward sign of water penetration in the bathroom area – water below your tiles.

Leaking Showers can lead to big expenses!

Generally water penetration in the bathroom area is associated with odours and bacteria. Grout Masters are leaking shower specialists - we test for water penetration in the bathroom area and then repair in order to stop further damage.

Water penetration can effect such things as the bearers and general woodwork of the house. In the extreme, it can be a catalyst that will lead to termite damage and other structural damage. For instance, if there is a leak, water may be draining under the house or into the ceiling of a floor underneath – and this can lead to settlement damage and structural concerns with your home. Therefore, shower recess repairs and showers sealing is vitally important, for the shower is where most of the water is!

There may be a number of causes, such as:
  • Poor quality grouting between both the bathroom floor and wall tiles, or faulty bathroom washers. But one of the main causes is the gap between the floor and the wall of the shower recess.

  • Often, when overflowing water trays are full, they overflow and the excess water begins to leak into the floor and walls or be absorbed by the woodwork and carpets in the bathroom and adjoining rooms. These damp areas are not only unsightly and smelly, they can onset rot and attract white ants, the end result might dictate a total bathroom renovation rather than just our cheaper retiling and re-grouting service.

  • Most showers that are built onto stud walls eventually leak because of a gap between the tiled wall and the floor of the shower recess. This gap has many causes (eg vibrations, house movements), and it is very common with age. Grout between tiles may not be strong enough to resist the expansion or adequately seal the gap between the floor and the wall. The result is a definite need to reseal the shower.
What is the best answer to the above problems? The solution is in prevention and this means resealing before the damage has occurred. Grout Masters provide exceptional service for the removal and replacement of the faulty, discoloured or otherwise damaged grout that is the cause of this problem.

If you come to us early, we can simply clean and reseal your tiles – if you ignore the situation, then we might have to advise remedial work. Our first advice is to take preventative measures: We can reseal or replace your leaking shower screens and advise on the other risk areas in your bathroom; it might be as simple as fixing a leaking shower. Naturally our advice is obligation free.

We know, from our years of experience, that resealing a bathroom is not just a matter of re-grouting the tiles. Grout Masters can expertly apply a high quality silicone to seal around showers and vanities and if needed can use the latest high technology epoxy grout, eliminating the need for tile sealants. We are sure you will be amazed at the difference Grout Masters can make to your tiled areas.