We are the Masters of Grouting


GroutMasters have specialist technology, techniques and products. A home is not a commercial premises, a factory is not a swimming pool! We offer a complete service.

Indoor or outdoor grouting services

Grout Masters can remove and replace tiles as necessary, they can also remove and replace shower screens and advise on remedial work (if required). We work indoors and outdoors on grout removal from swimming pool and driveway repairs.

Our experts come to your premises and assess what needs to be done. They might recommend one or several of our services to give you the long term solution that you need.

  • grout removal and replacement
  • bringing your tiles back to new
  • waterproof leaking showers
  • grout replacement in swimming pools
  • anti-slip treatments (especially for swimming pools and commercial areas)
  • application of epoxy long life, stain resistant grouts
  • resealing grout after cleaning so that it is impervious to food or drink stains. Simply wipe them up!
Grout Masters does not do the same thing at every job. Typically, we find that customers require services tailored to their needs however, and as a guide the following may help you decide what will be best for your situation.

Home Owner

  • Tile replacement when necessary
  • Selection from our magnificent RAINBOW of grout colours
  • Penetrating sealers
  • Marble polishing
  • Resealing IMMEDIATELY after new tiling is finished


  • Silicone seals
  • Acid cleaning of tiles
  • Anti slip treatment
  • Scheduled cleaning
The above separation between home and factories is quite general. (Sometimes, home owners will need industrial services like acid cleaning, marble polishing). The important thing is that we advise you and have the full range of technology and products to solve your grouting challenges, from simple grime and soap scum in the bathroom to the use of the latest epoxy grouts.