Bathroom Renovation - is it really necessary?

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Technically, we don't see ourselves as bathroom renovators because you should come to us before considering a bathroom renovation. This is because if you use the services of Grout Masters, you may not need an extensive bathroom renovation at all!

Do you really need to renovate your entire bathroom?

The answer is simple - the majority of your bathroom is tiling and by simply just reinvigorating the look of your tiling, you can have the appearance of a new bathroom – for a fraction of the cost - because you keep your old tiles. And it can be done in only one day!!

Also, by changing the colour of your grout, you can have a new vogue bathroom look without a new bathroom price!

The reality is that the faded look of your old bathroom is not wear or tile degradation (tiles are very long lasting) but rather it is simply grime - on the tiles and in the grout.

Over time, the cleaning that you do on your tiles is usually not enough to ensure an entirely clean bathroom.
The reason for this is that while (with properly sealed tiles) the dirt and scum rests only on the top of the tiles (and can be cleaned off), with the tile grout, over the years, the grime actually goes deep within the grout, taken in with water seepage.
The simplest way to get that new look back again is to replace your grouting with new grout and this is what Grout masters do.
When we re-grout tiles, we apply modern tile sealants that your existing grout probably did not have. We can also, as an extra service, use our 10 year guaranteed epoxy grout which needs no tile sealant.

And, if you want a really, really 'new' look, you can select a different grout colour from our rainbow of grout colours that we have available in our epoxy grout range. Epoxy grout is longer lasting, better looking and impervious to grime and dirt – it is a better performing grout product. Indeed, if your bathroom contractor had used epoxy grout in the first place, you would now only need our cleaning services on your bathroom tiles. Tiles are generally a very resilient product; they have many years of service in them. But this is not so with grout.
Over the years your tiles don't usually wear out, they accumulate surface grime from combinations of soaps, body fats, skin cells, dust and tracked in dirt.
This isn't to say your house-cleaning is deficient or to blame! These combinations are an unavoidable accumulation of the years which even daily scrubbing would be hard pressed to combat.

Many of our customers look to renovating their bathrooms because these much used rooms have developed that worn and used look. In many cases you can achieve a new bathroom look at a fraction of the cost by having your bathroom cleaned by a specialist like Grout Masters. Like a carpet deep clean, we can go deep into the grout with our modern equipment to ensure a new appearance for your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of renovation.
We have talked about two main aspects of our operations, but cleaning tiles and re-grouting is not how we see our business. What we do is revitalize your bathroom, giving it an 'as new' look, without the cost of a major renovation!