Grout Master FAQs


We try to answer some typical questions here on the services that we provide and the circumstances that require them. Please don't hesitate to contact us should your question not be answered here. Our advice is free and without obligation.

Here are the facts about grouting

What is Grout Masters standard service?

Unlike other companies Grout Masters does not do the same thing at every job. Our experts will come to your premises, assess what needs to be done and provide a free and comprehensive quote on the tile repair and re-grouting needs that you have. Our friendly specialists will be able to answer any questions on tiles, re-grouting and bathroom repair and suggest the best solution to your bathroom difficulties.

Why Clean and Seal Your Tiled Floor?

Tiled floors develop traffic patterns in the grout joints, similar to pathways on a carpet. Only a professional clean will clean properly in these situations. Like carpet deep clean, we can go deep into the grout to ensure an almost new appearance to your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of renovation. Once the floor has been cleaned and rinsed, a clear, penetrating sealer is applied to protect the grout at tile joints from future discolouration; this also extends the life of the grout.

Our sealers are penetrating, invisible and they protect exposed porous tiles, natural stone, paving and grout from damage caused by water, salts and oil-based stains. Treated indoor and outdoor tiled surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. Our stain proof sealer provides lasting protection for concrete, terracotta tiles, cast stone, paving, sandstone, limestone, brick and grout.

What is a sealer and should I seal my bathroom tile?

The sealer is a liquid that is applied to the grout after the work is done. Once it is applied, it soaks into the grout and dries creating a protective barrier against water and dirt. We strongly recommend you seal your grout and tile after it has been newly re-grouted on any new tiling work. It can greatly extend the life of your grout, making it easier to clean as the dirt will tend to float on the surface rather then penetrate deep into the grout.

Where does the dirt in my shower come from?

The reality is that the faded look of your old bathroom is not wear or tile degradation but rather simply dirt - dirt ON the tiles and dirt IN the grout. OVER TIME, the cleaning that you do on your tiles is never enough to have a clean bathroom. The reason for this is that while (with properly sealed tiles) the dirt and scum rests only on the top of the tiles (and can be cleaned off) but with the grout, over the years, the dirt and scum actually goes deep within the grout taken in with water seepage. Often, the only way to get that new look back again is to replace the grout with new grout and this is what we do.
Did you know that much of the dirt that builds up in your bathroom is actually tiny particles of skin! It is not difficult to see the relationship of this to asthma and allergies. We can get rid of all that for you (and the mould and bacteria) to make sure everything is fresh and hygienic again. Areas can be acid washed to completely remove any built up grime and soap scum.

How much time do you take?

Re-grouting uses a specialist machine, fitted with a dust minimisation system; the old grout is removed and new grout placed in, the tiles are cleaned. This can all be done in a day – can you imagine that : a new bathroom, sometimes unrecognisably new in appearance, in a day.
Generally, if we can do the work before major damage has occurred you will save the money by not having to re-tile, there will be no major work that needs to be done. But if what should be tile and bathroom maintenance turns into repairs by you not acting quickly enough, obviously it will take longer than a day.

Do I have to prepare the bathroom in some manner?

We ask that all items be removed and that we have a clean work area. The tiled area needs to be as dry as possible for Grout Masters to do their work. Sometimes this may mean you not using the area for a while to allow the drying out of the grout.

When our friendly experts come to quote the job, they will test the area for water penetration and make recommendations as to how the area can best be prepared. This may:
  • be as simple as just giving the area a quick towel dry, or
  • not using the shower for 24 hours beforehand, or
  • you might have to borrow one of our heaters to dry the area for a day or so.

Will your service totally remove the stains and grime permanently?

In some areas, water penetration is too serious to completely dry out before the job is done, (in some cases it would take eight weeks of not using your shower to really make sure it is dry!) In these cases "Bleed Back" may occur. This means that after the area has been freshly grouted you may get small discolored spots on your beautiful clean grout. Don't worry, just give us a call and we will be back to re-grout the problem parts when we can be sure the underlying damp has dried out - all free of charge.
Our experts generally know the tiled areas where “Bleed Back” is likely to occur and discuss the possibility with you before hand. Once the “Bleed Back” has been fixed, it is unlikely to occur again as your tiled area is now sealed (the water problem here is the water from the past coming back); the water will no longer be able to seep through your tiles.

Are domestic and commercial solutions different?

Yes! There is a remarkable difference between the two, primarily in the matter of wear and usage. For very high traffic or problem areas we recommend epoxy grout – so in most industrial situations, this is what we recommend to our clients.
Epoxy grout is the most durable grout on the market, superior to all cement-based grouts, it is 100% waterproof and so no further sealing is needed and it is also stain-proof. Epoxy grout is exceptionally hard wearing, and we are happy to give a 10 year guarantee on the product.

Won't I just have to re-grout again?

The grout we use has a mould inhabiter and hardener added to make it long lasting so that we can put a 5-year guarantee on our grout. Grout Masters can expertly apply high quality silicone sealant to seal around showers and vanities.

We recommend that the grout has a sealer applied after it has dried properly. When cement based grout has been used, our technician can return a day later after the grout is dries to apply a penetrating sealer. This sealer makes the grout as non-porous and hard wearing as the tiles themselves.

Is tile re-grouting going to be enough?

Because some people don't use our services before many years of neglected tile and bathroom maintenance, there can unfortunately be deeper problems. There can be undermined foundations, the creation an ideal environment for termites with associated rotting bearers and floor boards that comes with water penetration. All this we describe as 'underlying water damage to bathroom or kitchen area'. This is one reason to use our services of bathroom cleaning and tile re-grouting now, not leaving it to the years to come.

The only way you can stop this permanent damage is to stop the water getting through to these areas. This is what we do - permanent seal, deep protection.