Commercial Re-Grouting


We have found that there is no one 'U-BEAUT' product that will solve all clients problems. Our commercial clients, in their industrial areas, are concerned with wear and safety, especially if there are rotting bearers and floor boards.

Commercial re-grouting is different from domestic.

Factories and commercial premises are high wear and usage areas. These often need acid cleaning of tiles and for safely there should be an antislip treatment (naturally we can do these for home's as well, as and when conditions dictate and clients request).

We have found that in commercial environments, steam cleaning or scrubbing with chemicals and detergents will never be able to clean grout properly. Constant efforts to remove the dirt/mould build-up only adds to the problem as few tile sealants are resistant to the abrasive powder cleansers and scouring brushes.

Often, the only real alternative is new grout and tile sealer; here, generally, we will recommend epoxy grout.

Epoxy grout is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy grout is really the cheaper alternative; if you re-grout using a tile contractor who doesn’t use epoxy grout in a commercial situation, you will find (unfortunately) that you will have to do the re-grouting again!

In commercial premises we are often asked to use epoxy grout, especially in restaurant floors. Unlike common cement grout, epoxy grout is not weakened by acidic grease that is very common in many commercial operations (especially restaurants). Epoxy grout is durable and works with quarry, porcelain, ceramic and even stone tiles.

Re-grouting provides a clean look and thus is often very important for restaurants and premises where good appearance is mandatory. This is because there are statutory health and safely checks that must be passed and because patrons at a restaurant always want a clean bathroom. We can clean your old commercial bathroom and toilet facilities very cost effectively and because we can do it in a day, you will not have to close your business – not for a single day. Cleaning and re-grouting with a proper tile sealer, in these environments, can be perhaps the cheapest and most effective single thing you can do to improve the quality of your eating establishment! We can do this for restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafeterias and any other businesses that need to have the work done without shutting down their facility.

Large restaurant chains that have years of kitchen tile experience demand epoxy grout in their kitchens. WHY? They do this because they know the value of the epoxy. AND, if you had epoxy grout in the first place, tile re-grouting and resealing wouldn’t be an issue for you now.

Yes, there is a remarkable difference between residential and commercial, and primarily it is in the matter of wear and usage. So, for very high traffic or problem areas we recommend epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is the most durable grout on the market, superior to all cement-based grouts, it is 100% waterproof and with its selection, no further sealing is needed and it is also stain-proof. Epoxy grout is exceptionally hard wearing, and we are happy to give a 10 year guarantee on the product. Epoxy grout eliminates the need for a tile resealer and a planned resealing schedule.