We are the Masters of Grouting


Grout Masters have been operating as specialists in tile grouting for many years in the Upper and Lower North Shore regions and in Sydney.

Call the Groutmasters for any new tiling you do!

Whilst we started small with resealing leaking showers and bathroom makeovers, we have grown into professionally serving a wide range of clients.

  • Homeowners
  • Commercial offices
  • Factories
  • Swimming Pools (new and repair Work)
  • Driveways.

We have found, unlike others, that there is no one 'U-Beaut' product that will solve all client's problems – we use technology with expertise. NOW, when people think of grouting, they traditionally think of RE-grouting. This is to say, they think of repairing decayed grout. But we are not only re-grouting specialists, rather we are the GROUT MASTERS. Did you know that you should be thinking of our expertise for any new tiling work that you do?

The reason simply is this – a tiler will traditionally only use cement grout, a product that at best can only offer 3-5 years before it suffers obvious cosmetic damage. Yes, we can re-grout to fix this, but why not fix it right the first time? Many of our customers are doing just this – using us to grout new tile work!

So, because we work only with grout, you should not only call us only for repairs. Be among the many people who use us when they are laying down their new tiles; here, they have us do specialist grout work. These people have their own tilers lay the tiles, and we do the grouting afterwards, as only Grout Masters have the long lasting, stain resistant, multicoloured epoxy grouts that they need for the permanent professional job. This is especially important when you are trying to match new tile work to old.

With Grout Masters specialist grout removal tools, there can be a single grout solution across both new and old work!

Our commitment to uncompromising perfection and our expertise in re-grouting tiles is unmatched in the upper and lower North Shore regions and in mainstream Sydney. We can assess your problem tiled areas, test for water penetration in bathroom areas, advise is there are rotting bearers and floor boards and giving you expert advice and solutions on the spot.

Grout Masters use and recommend Sydney Emergency Plumbing for all our plumbing needs.