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Call Grout Masters to regrout bathroom renovate bathroom regrout bathroom tiles. We can reseal leaking showers and regrout your bathroom epoxy grout specialists.

Specialists in the grouting and re-grouting of the tiled and wet areas of your bathroom, pool, floors, home, office or factory premises. Don’t wait and take the risk – call the Grout Masters! Experts in regrouting and resealing.

Renewing your bathroom without expensive renovation

Grout Masters are Sydney based grouting specialists. Grouting specialists are generally thought of as those that renew old grout. But today, with our specialists technologies and products, we are being asked more often to supplement the services of the tilers when new tiles are laid – grouting is becoming a specialist trade.

And so, Grout Masters are what the name implies – specialists in the grouting and re-grouting of the tiled and wet areas of your home, office or factory premises.

Tile re-grouting is the process of removing the existing grout from your tiles and replacing it with new grout to improve and enhance the look of your tiles. We use power tools to remove the old grout stain (a dust minimisation system is used) and then we install new grout (durable, resistant epoxy grout if required) which dries quickly and gives you a new clean-look surface. Finally, a specialist grout sealant is then applied to stop any leaking or water penetration in the bathroom area. Call us today to regrout your bathroom tiles, re grout tiles, replace the grout in your pool tiles, regrout any tiled or wet area.

With our years of experience and modern technology we are able to:
  • bring a new look back to your tiles
  • provide fantastic new colour schemes to your tile with epoxy grout (we even have glow in the dark grout!)
  • waterproof leaking showers
  • safety proof wet areas (especially for commercial premises)
  • renew swimming pool surrounds and driveways
Our customers do not re-grout just to remove grime and soap scum in bathroom area or because bathroom tiles have lost their new luster due to decayed, aged grout.
Other reasons are that old grout:
  • creates unpleasant odours
  • holds asthma and allergy-causing mould and bacteria
  • just plain looks bad and often, is unhygenic
  • does not have the colour that our new exciting epoxy coloured grouts make available.
So, unlike other companies, Grout Masters does not do the same thing at every job. A home is not a commercial premise, a factory is not a swimming pool – all of these have distinct challenges and solutions that must be called upon to make for a satisfied customer.

But when reading the above, please do not think that we only work with the old, bringing it back to new. Today many people are using our services on new work, allowing the tiler to do the tiles but calling us in to do the grouting. Why you ask? The answer is that many tilers do not have the specialist epoxy grouts to give you the 52 magnificent colours that we have or they are unable to handle the specialised needs of commercial applications – remember, that we are the Grout Masters!

Grout Masters can supply you with the highest quality, longest lasting grout and tile resealing. Your own experience has already shown you that the lower quality grout (that you currently have) has a limited life – that is why you are replacing them! Well, with Grout Masters this will not be the case, because you can select to use our new technology 10 year guaranteed, epoxy grouts that mean that you get an effective permanent solution to the problem of degrading grout – the grout will be as water resistant as the tiles!

So while we are always looking for better technology and ways of doing things, our experience indicates to us that we today, have the best solution at a realistic price. Call us today, for a no obligation quote; if you are not 100% sure there is a problem, our experts may be able to provide you a more peaceful mind regarding water penetration in bathroom area! If you have any questions our friendly specialists will be able to answer any questions that you have and suggest the best course of action. Also please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page about grout, re grout tiles, regrout bathroom.